The Relaunching of Holistically Refined : Your Online Holistic Wellness Club

Welcome to Holistically Refined!

We are scheduled to relaunch our online Holistic Health & Wellness Club on February 22th, 2018. I am truly looking forward to that date, for it feels like a long time coming. We have worked on this website vigorously, and it is currently still in the process of being revamped with new features and capabilities.

Holistically Refined is now a multi-functioning site that will provide the holistic and natural community with a platform that connects our customers and supports our holistic small providers across the world. We bring people together to unite, empower each other, shop, discover and expand!

We started this off back in 2015 as subscription box services that provider Subscribers 4-6 Natural and Holistic Products each and ever month. All products were different each month and focus on different areas, products that cater to transitioning or promoting holistic health and natural lifestyle.

We had products such as Natural skincare kits, natural organic candles, natural makeup, home cleaning products, sage stick, aromatherapy, chakra crystals just to name a few.

This was a great service for holistic and natural product lovers and for those who seek to transition their lifestyle to more natural and holistic lifestyle and wanted to try quality products made from smaller business that they can use everyday but was not available in your commercial stores. We will be adding this service back toward the end of this year for we know our subscribers loved it.This was a easy way that made it stress free to try new products we adding to the shop and gave information on the importance of using the natural and holistic products or remedies version of product verus the chemical and process product or way.

This website truly lives up to its own name by being, Holistically Refined.
Once the website is live and active, you will be able to discover services and quality products from the best small businesses across the globe.

Some of Holistic and Alternative Medicines & Online Services we will offer with Memberships :
Access to Quality
•Naturalpathic Providers
•Holistic Practitioners
•Wellness& Holistic Coaches
•Yoga Instructors (workshop & sessions)
•Detox Specialists
•Detoxification & Cellular Rejuvenation Plans
•Shadow Work/Emotional Support Counselor

•Herbal Supplements and Herbs
•Planet-based Transitioning Aid/ Support
•Vegan/Alkaline Meal Planning Service
• Online Yoga Classes
•Birthchart Readings
•Intuitive Coaching and Readings
•Holistic Fitness workout plans- video session
•Holistic weight-loss plans- video session

Some of our General Products include:
•Natural skincare products
•Natural hair-care products
•Natural home cleaning products
•Home-care Products
•Water filtration system
•Natural Makeup and more
• Crystals & Aromatherapy Products
•Diodes, Magnets & EMF Protectors
• Some of Best Books to Read of Various Topics

Holistically Refined will also be a place where you can interact, connect and build with likeminded people by joining our Holistic Tribe. Finally, there is a place where you can receive the support you need while you are on your holistic journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment.



New Products & Services are being added daily from the best holistic providers .


The Holistic Tribe is a place where you are a member of a group of likeminded people on the same journey you are on. On this platform, you can connect with your favorite shop owners, receive support, make new friends, post and share your holistic journey with the tribe!


Whether you need a vacation, are looking for a holistic retreat to attend, want to attend a workshop or have a one on one session (virtual or in-person). Book Here!

(Coming soon )


We Support Other Organizations, Clubs and Individuals who are empowering the community, aligning with nature, helping others heal themselves,building for true sovereignty and bringing harmony on Earth.

Thank you for reading. We look forward to our relaunch day and the continual refinement toward our better selves. We feel great knowing that with your help, the world will become more Holistically Refined.

Find us on Facebook and sign up on our email list to stay updated on our progress. We truly hope to have your support as we connect the Holistic and natural community.

If you are interested in adding in becoming a Member or Provider with Holistically Refined Health and Wellness Club, promoting Holistically Refined, becoming apart of the administrative and operational team or simply just want to contribute to our movement, please contact us on our Facebook, website or via email. Peace.


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