Dr. Kai Parker, ND, CPM Naturopathic Physician and Homebirth Midwife

Soooo, I don’t usually write reviews, but after experiencing Holistically Refined, I absolutely could not help myself.  I warn you…I am so excited about this service that this is going to be a long review!

I have always been pretty nervous about subscription services because I work hard for my money and worry that I might not like everything that is sent to me.  Holistically Refined has totally changed my mind!  I love all of the products in my boxes.  In this last box, I got Shea Shea Bakery Body Butter, Essential 8 Organic All-Purpose Cleaner, some Essential 8 lip balms, The Healing Place Apothecary Deodorant Balm, and the most delicious smelling candles from Earth, Wind, and Finds.

One of the greatest things about this service, IMHO, is that the companies that they work with are not huge mass-production companies, so (I know this is going to sound corny, but…) you can feel the love in the products.  Immediately, the Shea Shea Bakery Body Butters caught my eye.  They are packaged in glass jars that have actual ART as their lids!!!  Each bottle is handcrafted and absolutely beautiful.  I know that is not the most important part about a body butter, but I love the way they look in my bathroom, and to a diva like me, that matters lol.   I have one in my guest bathroom and everyone comments on how cute the jar is and how amazing the body butter feels on their skin.  I am a Naturopathic Doctor and Homebirth Midwife and I wash my hands sooooo many times per day.  I keep the smaller jar in my purse and it has changed my world!  It is so hydrating to my hands and smells soooooo delicious!

The other products are amazing, too!  I have NEVER liked natural deodorants (except stones) because they leave a scent under my arms that can change as the day goes on lol…and I don’t mean that in a good way!  The Healing Place Apothecary Deodorant Balm has changed my mind on that too!  It has a fresh clean scent that keeps my arms dry – even when I go to the gym.

I am ashamed to say that my husband always fusses at me for buying natural cleaning products, because he doesn’t think they clean as well as the chemical products.  The Essential 8 All-Purpose Cleaner rocks my socks!  It is made with herbs and oils and gets the job done!  This company’s lip balms are awesome, too!  I received one peppermint and one lavender.  What I appreciate about the lip balms is that they are not overwhelmingly scented.  There is enough essential oil for mes to enjoy, but not so much that it is all I smell when you put it on.  It is also extremely moisturizing and keeps my lips feeling soft and smooth for hours.  It is made with nourishing ingredients that soak into your lips, so it is actually healing your lips.

The last products, I can only give a partial review on:  The candles!  They are so beautifully packaged that I haven’t been able to bring myself to burn the candles yet.  What I can say is that they are beautifully fragrant, and I am looking forward to using them.  Most candles on the market are more harmful than most people realize.  These candles are made with herbal teas and oils and are very environmentally friendly.

I am very pleased with this service so far and I can’t wait to see what next month’s box will have in it!!!


Dr. Kai Parker, ND, CPM
Naturopathic Physician and Homebirth Midwife

Vice President, DC Association of Naturopathic Physicians

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