Mental Math for Aspiring Geniuses: Thur Nov 1st – Dec 6th @ 3:30 PM EST

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In this live online class, students will learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers up to 3 digits long, all inside their noggins. Before, we get to geniusland, there are a few things students must know:

– Operations (+×-÷)
– Digits (0-9)
– How to use their imagination

Students will walk away from this class learning how to perform the following types of equations without pen or paper:

– Two digit addition and subtraction: i.e.75 – 34
– Three digit addition and subtraction: i.e. 456 – 312
– Two digit multiplication: i.e. 34 x 45
– Remembering Numbers and More

I will teach students how to use a number of mnemonics techniques and how to decode the language of numbers. After this course, don’t be surprised if your child gives you the sideeye for shortchanging a server on a tip.

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