Sage and Crystals – What About That Shadow Work, Though? : By Tiara Shardé


I once was almost cussed out by someone when I insisted that we have to develop a relationship with our demons. Like, really sit down and interview them in the pursuit of healing
and ascension. Why?

Because our demons got the answers, Sway.

Shadow work certainly sounds a bit ominous and I’m not going to lie to you, it gets real. This is some deep spiritual work that forces us to take a really good look at ourselves in a way that can be uncomfortable, ugly, and plain ol scary. Only someone dedicated, and maybe just a little crazy, would want to look their demons in the eye and say we need to talk. However, this is exactly what is required of us in order to make a difference in our lives. If there’s one thing I’ve learned while on this spiritual journey it’s that life is made up of more than just the cozy little boxes we’ve labeled good and bad in which we like to place things. We limit ourselves when we do this and oftentimes end up sad and pissed when we don’t achieve our desired outcome. This is because we are both and we must have balance. We are “good” and “bad”. We are “light” and “dark” all rolled into one beautifully complicated ball of divinity. We can read all the books we want but it takes some true effort to face our demons, see ourselves for who we truly are, and make some major adjustments. This is shadow work.

Our helpful demons know why we look down on other people for the choices they’ve made in their lives.

They’ll tell us it’s because when it comes to making choices of our own we get all scared and shaky. With blatant disregard for your feelings, they’ll explain to you how because you feel you’ve never had or you’ve never acted on the opportunity to choose for yourself, you are disgusted by and possibly jealous of other people who freely make their own choices in life.

Yeah. It’s deep.

As a collective, we seem to be missing the mark in terms of how we view ourselves and this spiritual journey. What I’ve been noticing in the “woke” community is this idea that if you sprinkle sage on it, everything is magically fixed. Or if you keep a crystal around your neck, all of a
sudden you no longer have to put in the intense, ongoing work that’s required to reach your Higher Self. This is false advertisement.

This spiritual path is about ascension, it’s about growth. To grow is to change and change isn’t always giggles and rainbows, but an ongoing process. But, do you want to be better, do better
or no? So, how do we go about this shadow work?

The key is for you to analyze and become one with your shadow self.

Acknowledge those demons, speak with them, and then get to work. This process requires us to dig into our conscious, unconscious and subconscious world in order to confront emotions such as resentment, fear, anger, shame and guilt. It allows us the opportunity to identify any underlying, repressed emotions and get to their gritty center to find resolution and healing.

My personal shadow work led me to identify emotional issues specifically in regards to my relationships. I would feel guilty for not being the perfect representation of a daughter, sister, friend, lover. There was also a part of me that was so used to being strong for others that I felt extremely uncomfortable with them seeing that I was also hurting. The fact was, I was scared of being viewed as vulnerable, and ashamed of actually being vulnerable. It took a real hard look in the mirror for me to realize that these emotions stemmed from me being labeled and shunned for being “too emotional”, and feeling the need to hide the softer sides of myself as a way to avoid burdening others with my humanness. It then weirdly transmuted into this thing where I would deal with toxic people and abusive relationships because I intuitively felt the need to hold space for their healing, but would never want them to see me cry from the things I was going through as a result of their behavior. Because my crying would be a burden to them. In retrospect it’s completely ridiculous, I know, yet there I was protecting those who couldn’t care
less about my wellbeing all because I wasn’t ready to face my own issues and emotional baggage. But, that wasn’t their problem. These issues solely belonged to me and as a result, had to be resolved by me. I started by actively monitoring my thoughts and emotions to really see what was going on in my inner world. Any time I felt triggered into hiding my vulnerability or emotions, I consciously corrected it. How? By not judging myself, but by loving myself- then by telling myself to cut the shit. Simple, right? No. Not at all. To truly heal we must throw on our boots, those cute gardening gloves, and dig real deep to get the root of our issues. What I’m saying is this:

I became my own savior with the help of my demons.

This spiritual journey requires us to constantly check in with ourselves to make sure we are centered and balanced. Incorporating vital spiritual practices such as meditation, divination,
prayer, detoxing and fasting are strongly encouraged. Surrounding yourself with beings who truly care about you is also crucial. In addition, take note of your environment as what you allow around you is a direct reflection of you and where you’re at on your path. Be mindful.

Although I still intuitively know how to hold space for others and their healing, it’s no longer this thing where I allow myself to hide. I’m actively working on healing of my own and that depends
on me being completely transparent- with myself. Some things may rise to the surface every now and then, but it’s important for us to dust ourselves off and try again. My mother always used to say, “nothing beats a failure but a try.” Simple.

When it comes to our healing, we don’t need to go outside of ourselves to find answers. Our demons, our shadow self, provides all the information we need. In the event you do feel like you need help, I lovingly encourage you to find a qualified lightworker you resonate with and ask them to assist you. There are many genuine souls out here who love to share their experiences and knowledge in order to inspire and assist others with their healing. There isn’t any shame in
seeking assistance, so please speak up.
Oh, and by the way, I adore sage and crystals. My point is that we can not use these tools as spiritual band-aids. We can not hide from ourselves and if we try, our demons will laugh and tell
us to stop playing. The truth is, whatever you’re hiding is going to show up for all to see in one form or another. So, put in that work in the shadow world and reflect the divinely balanced you that you were created to be.

Peace and love.

For more information and assistance with spirituality and healing, visit www.TiaraShardé.com.

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