Refinement Projects

Holistically Refined is committed to Making Your Holistic Journey Easier and Bridging the Holistic Community. We have committed ourselves to give 10% of our earnings and pay it forward to other organizations or businesses that are in align with our vision and values.

The Refinement Project will be a directory highlighting some of the most amazing movements on Earth who need our support.
These movements are the pillars helping refine our planet for the betterment of all. These businesses, organizations and communities also help heal the planet, empower others, support and work towards an eco-friendly, self-sustainable and harmonious lifestyle.

They may need volunteers, resources and funding, so the donation and contact button will be below. All funds minus the processing fee will go directly to the listed organizations and projects.Get involved and help bridge and strengthen our movement to refine and shift this planet to create a more harmonious experience for all

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