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Basic Phyisic Membership Level

•Access to All natural and or Holistic products available at your conveniences

• Access to Products that help assist and ad your Holistic lifestyle

• Access to Holistic Book library & Downloads

• Ability to Discover and book Holistic retreats and healing retreat or eco friendly natural places

• Ability to Book online virtual workshops and self care and healing sessions

• Abilities to socialize with other members make a profile and share your Holistic journey with others

• Ability to create or select various of subscription services

• Valuable Information Blogs, Articles, Tips interviews and More

Basic Phyisic Membership Level

*All the Basic Physic Level Abilities and More*

Access to Book Online Services in Alternative Online Natural Medicines & Providers


-Detox Specialists

-Naturalpathic Doctors

– Holistic Practitioner

– Plant Based Nutritionist/ Detox Speclistic

– Shadow /Holistic Coaches

– (+ More )

Access to Purchase Quality Exclusive Herbs and Formulas to ad and assist in your self Healing

Ability to Get All of Holistically Refined Retail Products at 10~15% Discounted Rate

Complimentary Access to Downloadable Content

• Coming Soon Exclusive Video content interviews and more

Basic Phyisic Membership Level

All of the Will to Wellness and Basic Physic Levels Benefit Plus

Free Consultation with Herbalists or Detox Specialist
( Must Complete Self Assessment Questionnaire Before Session)

Monthly Online Video Session with a Detox Specialists and/or Herbalist 10% off all herbs purchase at Online Herbal Shop

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