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Basic Phyisic Membership Level

•Access to All natural and or Holistic products available at your conveniences

• Access to Products that help assist and ad your Holistic lifestyle

• Access to Holistic Book library & Downloads

• Ability to Discover and book Holistic retreats and healing retreat or eco friendly natural places

• Ability to Book online virtual workshops and self care and healing sessions

• Abilities to socialize with other members make a profile and share your Holistic journey with others

• Ability to create or select various of subscription services

• Valuable Information Blogs, Articles, Tips interviews and More

Basic Phyisic Membership Level

*All the Basic Physic Level Abilities and More*

Access to Book Online Services in Alternative Online Natural Medicines & Providers


-Detox Specialists

-Naturalpathic Doctors

– Holistic Practitioner

– Plant Based Nutritionist/ Detox Speclistic

– Shadow /Holistic Coaches

– (+ More )

Access to Purchase Quality Exclusive Herbs and Formulas to ad and assist in your self Healing

Ability to Get All of Holistically Refined Retail Products at 10~15% Discounted Rate

Complimentary Access to Downloadable Content

• Coming Soon Exclusive Video content interviews and more

Will To Wellness (Plus)
every 1 month

All of the Will to Wellness and Basic Physic Levels Benefit Plus

Free Consultation with Herbalists or Detox Specialist
( Must Complete Self Assessment Questionnaire Before Session)

Monthly Online Video Session with a Detox Specialists and/or Herbalist 10% off all herbs purchase at Online Herbal Shop

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