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    I am so happy that this company was created
    Hello Everyone ,
    Finally we are launching ..after long days and nights of planning, coordinating , designing , negotiating …… I am proud to say Holistically Refined is finally ready to launch.
    We here at Holistically Refined strongly believe that everything is intimately interconnected .We view everything Holistically.Therefore, we ensure that each brand or seller on our website has integrity, delivers quality products to customers and are socially and environmentally responsible. We love companies who make and provide products to our customers with pure intentions. When choosing the products we will offer, we think about how it will influence your health and/or your environment because we want to provide services and products that will better both .We value companies that show that they truly value their customers by providing the safest and most naturally based products. We uphold our values by providing you with carefully selected products and services from companies that believe what we believe. Whether You are just starting your journey to a more Holistic lifestyle, want to sustain your Holistic lifestyle or simply want to reduce the chemicals you expose yourself to on the daily basis, we will strive to be the best at satisfying all of your needs In short, we just want to be Earth’s most customer-centric company and provide a place that will guide your journey to a healthier lifestyle.
    We will be online shop that sells various of everyday use holistic and natural products . Our mission is to help make everyday customer holistic natural journey easier. We will provide monthly subscription boxes, each month you will get 4-6 variety of new natural products for everyday use.

    For all that subscribe they not only will discover new natural / healthy products each month, they will be supporting various of black own businesses, we will give 10% of our profits to supporting black own nonprofit that provides mentoring and tutoring services to our children in need. It is all all around awesome. More information will be provided on the site On launch day.

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