Are Public Schools Hurting Your Children?

You work hard. VERY HARD to get the best for your child. You have talked to the teachers and have been to the school. However, you are still having the same issues. Your beloved child is still struggling, not being attentive in class, and not earning the grades you KNOW they can earn. Even more, […]

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The Difference Between Treating vs. Healing?

Many of us may perceive or assume that these two words mean the same thing, but in actuality they don’t – they’re entirely different. As a matter of fact, anyone outside of a licensed Doctor or Health Practitioner that has been indoctrinated in the western school of thought are not legally allowed to use the […]

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Sage and Crystals – What About That Shadow Work, Though? : By Tiara Shardé

  I once was almost cussed out by someone when I insisted that we have to develop a relationship with our demons. Like, really sit down and interview them in the pursuit of healing and ascension. Why? Because our demons got the answers, Sway. Shadow work certainly sounds a bit ominous and I’m not going […]

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The Relaunching of Holistically Refined : Your Online Holistic Wellness Club

Welcome to Holistically Refined! We are scheduled to relaunch our online Holistic Health & Wellness Club on February 22th, 2018. I am truly looking forward to that date, for it feels like a long time coming. We have worked on this website vigorously, and it is currently still in the process of being revamped with […]

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