Author: Brandon Berry

The self-examined life is a journey of self-discovery and transformation. My name is Brandon Berry. My holistic journey began for superficial reasons. I had a strong desire to be super-rich so I wanted to learn EVERYTHING that people who were super-rich knew. My friend (now Wife) opened a door in my mind by introducing me to the Illuminati, secret societies, and occult knowledge. This led me to start researching everything about the world's religion. Fast forward, I started to learn about the history of the USA, Ancient Egypt and other Ancient societies. After learning all of this information, I felt enlightened. Although I felt good and poised to make my millions, I began to hear a voice saying that being rich wasn't it and that I needed to go to the dark side. I had no clue what that meant. My introduction to the dark side began with journeying into how much I suppressed my poor health. For years, I had covered up my body odor with cologne, my bad breath with mouthwash, my dandruff with grease and my dry skin with cream. My body had had enough of my bad habits and started to show the symptoms of my acidic state on my skin and scalp. I began to get eczema on my scalp and face which definitely got my attention - especially because my normal cream wasn't smoothing out my skin like usual. I started to panic. First, I bought chemical-heavy cream after chemical-heavy cream and none of it worked. Then I started to search for other options and someone mentioned that they used coconut oil for their skin. I had never heard of such a thing, so I wanted to try it. I bought a chemical-heavy coconut oil, but it worked better than anything else I had used so far. During that same time, my friend (again, now Wife) came back into my life and was totally all about her health. She introduced me to EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL and my life was forever changed. I used it and the symptoms went away! Little did I know that I needed to do a ton of work on myself to turn my health around. Over the next year, my Wife would point out how sick I was (in total contrast to her) and how I NEEDED to change the way I ate if I wanted to be healthy. It took a while for me to change, but it happened and feel MUCH BETTER now! Also during that time, a lot of shadows were brought to light and I had to confront my dark side. This journey through my dark side ironically been an enlightening experience. I am still facing, revealing and accepting my shadows to transcend and transform myself into my purest self. Today, I am grateful to be joined by my AMAZING Wife, Felicia (the CEO of Holistically Refined) and my two BEAUTIFUL children as we journey together.

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