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Our Mission and slogan is to Make Your Holistic Journey Easier by providing a safe and effective platform to build, expand and connect people with quality content, services and products while they are on their holistic journey.


Holistically Refined’s platform is a safe and exclusive place to Shop, Discover, Ad Self Healing & Transform Learn & Connect with like minds and
meet new people who are also on their holistic journey. You will find people who are looking to empower others, learn, grow and support each other on their journey. You will experience a place where people seek to refine, heal and focus on our continual pursuit of balance and have access to a variety of products and resources.

The small businesses on Holistically Refined provide quality natural and holistic products, resources, alternative healing services, medicines and knowledge that can empower us to be more Holistically Refined.

We are evolving into a one stop shop, Online Holistic Wellness Center, that focuses on connecting customers with quality Holistic and natural services, products and access to information, inspirational stories and other small businesses in the natural and holistic field. We are committed to promoting holistic health and a natural way of living. We want to help empower people and bridge the online holistic community. We do this by strengthening our relationships between ourselves, customers and holistic businesses.


There is strength in numbers, but we emphasize and value quality over quantity. For with quality and mutual inner and understanding can come Unity. With Unity comes strength, power, support and that is how we can help transition us and others into assisting and ushering in the new paradigm shift that is taking place worldwide. We inner and understand that takes continual refinement and work from within and then from without. Many of us feel it and know its energetically here and for some of us we know we need to do our parts and get into alignment.

Quality beings in this movement are essential, for we are committed to cultivate a safe online space, that is exclusively here to be effective and focused on having a place where others can provide the things that are needed to add in healing, self-refinement, growth, and learning to live in balance and harmony.

When it comes to bridging the holistic community, that comes with a lot of work. That means we are here to strengthen the relationships with people in the holistic community, our customers, product makers and service providers.
Therefore, we value communication and our relationships with our providers

There is a process and there are standards that all vendors must meet and agree to maintain based on their unique set of services and products they offer with us. This is so, to uphold the integrity, effectiveness, quality and morale of Holistically Refined when conducting business and providing a safe and effective place for others on their holistic journey.

Holistically Refined is created in a way where we thrive only when we are helping others; whether divine beings or a liaison and support for the businesses that are here for growth and the movement. When joining us You understand that we must agree to support each other and agree to refine and improve the infrastructure of the Holistic/Natural Community. As we know, that process always starts with ourselves. So as stated above, being Holistically Refined comes with continual refinement within ourselves.


Meet Our Team

A Few Members Of Our Holistically Refined Tribe

    Predominately Earth & Fire Essence, Strong Willed, Passionate, Compassionate, Determine. A Visionary, Inspirational, Motivational, Holistic Coach.Helping Other Reach Their Full Potential.

    CEO & Founder

    A Combination of All Elements That Make Up His Essence. Well Rounded Mind, Net worker, Collaborative, Counselor & Business Savvy

    Public Relations & Recruiter

    .... Now Manages the Marketing Team here at Holistically Refined. Committed to promoting, helping with brand awareness and expansion.

    Marketing Director

    Anne Passion and very skilled when it comes to building quality services and coming up with ideas to build great customer relationship. She manages and trains our customer services. Always improving and growing .

    Customer Relationship Manager
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